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    Augment Decision-making with Data-driven Intelligence

    Challenge of Data Analytics

    Today, data is the single biggest asset for any business, and the value of data-driven decisions has significantly risen in the post-pandemic world. 

    With the volume of data collected increasing, organizations are struggling to make sense of the data around them or even extract valuable insights that could bolster decision-making. This is where robust analytics solutions come into play, with their ability to condense structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data along with syndicate data. Analytics solutions leverage AI/ML applications and algorithms to analyze and extract insights from the vast sea of relevant and irrelevant data to help business leaders make valuable data-driven decisions. 

    How TheMathCompany Lends Ease and Simplicity to Power Decision-Making

    An SAP Startup Studio member, TheMathCompany is an analytics consultancy and product partner that aims to simplify decision-making for stakeholders for faster turn-around. They empower every individual in the organization with actionable insights to augment the decision-making process at every level to   tackle problems and tap into potential business opportunities. The expertise drawn from solving a multitude of business challenges are codified into their IP accelerators to quickly develop MVPs and shorten the feedback cycle. The solutions built are easy to consume, integrated with human-centric designs with the capability to create simulations and test hypotheses.

    In the attempt to bring speed and simplicity to decision-making, TheMathCompany’s solutions are built to be easily integrable into the existing technology ecosystems, with reusable frameworks and processes that ensure the engagements are mobilized faster and allow for rapid scaling. To enable ease of use for our SAP members, these solutions ingrained with deep expertise are built on SAP cloud tools, ensuring faster adoption.

    By Leveraging Custom and Contextualized Solutions, Businesses can:

    • Anticipate and capitalise on the upcoming market and industry trends
    • Analyse consumer behaviour and automate market segmentation

    • Personalise and enhance the performance of online and traditional marketing campaigns
    • Build intelligent decision support systems powered by data, ML, cognitive computing and predictive analytics

    Helping businesses bridge the gap between data, insights and impactful decisions, TheMathCompany currently boasts of serving 45 Fortune 500 companies along with numerous micro, small and medium enterprises.

    TheMathCompany Use Cases

    Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

    TheMathCompany’s Co.dx platform enables CPG companies to derive measurable value and ROI from their analytics efforts. It helps customers realize their revenue growth goals through Co.dx’s suite of AI-powered, actionable revenue management applications that systemically scale category growth for organizations. The CPG application suite on Co.dx enables organizations to:

    • Gain a fair share of growth amidst stiff competition
    • Effectively integrate omnichannel strategies 
    • Drive a systemic ROI lift across investments​ (marketing channels, promotions & others)
    • Systemically drive revenue & volume growth to achieve category growth
    • And more…

    Supply Chain Management Industry

    For enterprises wanting to drive efficacy of their supply chains, TheMathCompany has built a suite of solutions across the value chain – which helps decision makers act fast and deliver results. Solutions built for this space enable:

    • Improvement of logistics management and ensure faster delivery of consignments
    • Determine optimal price points for direct and indirect sourcing of commodities and plan their procurement
    • Integrated demand forecasting to estimate and predict customers’ future demand effectively
    • Managing inventory effectively, optimizing fulfilment of orders & planning safety stock appropriately