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    Data for Clinical Trials

    Challenge of Managing Data for Clinical Trials

    Ensuring the safety of clinical trial participants, systematic capture and analysis of data from these studies are vital to developing safety a medicine’s safety profile and gauge its benefit-risk assessment. The final approval often depends on such considerations.

    The key problem with clinical trials is that compiling and analysing data is a complex process. Also, the industry is heavily regulated, and variations between standards followed by different regulatory bodies make things more challenging.

    How SyMetric Builds a Better Ecosystem for Clinical Trials

    An SAP Studio Partner working to optimise the system of clinical trials with digital technology, SyMetric supports companies that need to discover the efficacy of new drugs and medical devices using data analytics and predictive modelling.

    Leveraging the SAP Business Technology Platform, SyMetric has built an ERP-like integrated IT platform to manage clinical trials. It enables pharmaceutical companies, clinicians and patients to make well-informed decisions based on actionable insights.

    SyMetric’s clinical trial platform includes modules accessible through a web interface. They are seamlessly integrated and offer all essential data for quick processing, analysing and reporting.

    The company’s flagship product, SyMetric C6, transforms the drug development process with adequate data insights and also helps manage trials for medical devices, nutraceuticals and cosmeceutical products.

    SyMetric TrialAnalytics

    With the TrialAnalytics tool, a new offering by SyMetric, clinical trial researchers get clear and dynamic visualisations of data. This helps them reduce the time spent on compiling and analysing information from the clinical study. Also, researchers can calculate the success rate of a clinical trial more accurately.

    The key features of SyMetric Trial Analytics include:

    • Ability to consolidate aggregated data from past studies along with indicators for success/failure/ discontinuity of study
    • A dashboard to methodically plan new studies by checking the performance of potential contract research organisations (CROs), investigation sites and investigators from previous trials
    • Dual-stage process for planning and approvals

    • Ability to compare the performance of one or multiple CROs as per the success ratio of studies assigned to them and comparison of investigation sites and investigators
    • Ability to track success ratio for actual recruitment status compared to the planned status
    • Feasibility for stakeholder analytics in terms of therapeutic area, phase and country