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    Hiring made Easy, Fast, and Transparent

    The Challenges of Recruitment

    Finding qualified candidates for different job profiles is a complex and time-consuming process. HR teams post their listings on multiple recruitment portals and social media sites. However, manually segregating the best profiles from hundreds of irrelevant applications is not simple.

    The problem has become more acute post-pandemic as organisations also recruit for remote positions where daily communication is limited to phone and video calls.

    Skillate’s Cluster of Products

    • AI-Powered Matching Engine
    • Chatbot Screening
    • Resume Parser
    • Auto Interview Scheduler
    • Job Description Assistant
    • Dashboard Analysis

    Unbiased Selections with Time and Cost Savings

    • Companies with diverse and inclusive work environments become more adaptable and effective talent magnets.
    • Skillate eliminates conscious and unintentional biases from the recruitment process to ensure employees are selected purely based on their merit.
    • The platform initiates candidate engagement via smart bots instead of lengthy pre-screening phone calls to select the finest applicants for the first round.
    • Leveraging Skillate’s custom-built technology, recruiters can fill vacancies in minimum time and reduce costs while bringing the right talent to the enterprise.
    • HR executives can post more effective job descriptions on various portals and forums with a quick click. By capturing unique data in real-time, they can also avoid going through the same application on multiple websites.
    • Besides, Skillate brings them a custom dashboard to offer rich analytics and insights on their recruitment process.

    A Future-Ready Hiring Process

    Skillate has leveraged the SAP Business Technology Platform to design its innovative recruitment aides.

    At SAP, we agree that technology will never fully replace an HR professional’s role, particularly the empathy and the personalised conversations that mark one-on-one interviews.

    While the areas concerning human relations will continue to be an essential part of the process, Skillate’s apps make a recruiter’s job easier and more efficient. Its tools are attuned to the preferences of a generation that will be working in a digital-first world, open to intuitive and tech-rich experiences.