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    Powering the Future of Commerce

    Achieving Sustainable Growth in Retail

    Managing a retail business or restaurant is as invigorating as it is demanding. While designing and building a layout for the store is the fun and creative part, it is not easy to maintain steady growth.

    Improving operational efficiency, empowering store staff, optimising invoice generation and improving customer experience are factors that need constant attention.

    How SignCatch Empowers the Future of Retail Organisations

    Based in San Francisco and New Delhi, SAP Studio Partner SignCatch offers an omnichannel cloud-based plug & play platform to retail stores, cafes and dining outlets that gives an engaging shopping and dining experience to customers while adding measurable value to retail operations.  

    In the form of Platform as a Service (PaaS), SignCatch’s versatile retail tool eliminates the guesswork from processes such as stock purchasing and replenishment, CRM, digital marketing, customer loyalty schemes, billing, product assortment and pricing.

    Simple Interface – Secure Usage – Multiple Solutions™ Sensors

    Built on the SAP Business Technology Platform, SignCatch’s apps contain no clutter or complex features. Online retailers can get a ready-to-use aesthetic and fully functional e-commerce website that is optimised for any device. They can enable their customers to buy a product with a simple scan of QR codes, and payments reach their banks within 24 hours. Payment related information is not stored on the app, meaning user data cannot be leaked to third parties.

    With special codes designed by SignCatch, stores can even transform their paper advertisements into instant sales.

    SignCatch also offers retailers an app-based point-of-sale system for centralised management of sales, inventory, pricing, billing and customer-related information.

    To support the growth of retail businesses and restaurants, SignCatch helps run customised email campaigns and loyalty programmes.    

    And SignCatch matches its offerings to its customers’ needs. They can seamlessly add features to their existing apps or buy more for other business functions.

    Industries that Benefit from SignCatch

    From grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and bakeries to pharmacy shops, bookstores and apparel showrooms, anyone with a brick and mortar, virtual or hybrid business location can leverage SignCatch’s solutions.

    The company’s POS software system, billing application, self-checkout retail stations, e-commerce suite and personalised ad platform are just some of the products adopted by renowned global brands, including Walmart and Hewlett-Packard.