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    Fighting Fakes

    Challenge of Counterfeiting

    Counterfeiting is a critical issue that results in revenue loss for manufacturers and damage to their brand reputation. Moreover, it impacts a growing number of products ranging from FMCG and precious metals to pharmaceuticals and automotive parts.

    NeuroTags Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

    NeuroTags offers an advanced anti-counterfeiting tool that helps businesses prove the authenticity of their products and enables customers to stay away from phony versions.

    With a mix of physical and digital technologies, the solution can be deployed economically in any industry selling tangible goods.

    NeuroTags codes give products a unique, secure and traceable identity through QR, NFC or RFID systems. The design is backed by the world’s first embedded QR code-oriented and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven serialisation technology.

    As codes get continually monitored by NeuroTags’ AI-backed cloud, the entire product journey from a company’s warehouse to the final buyer is traced and delivered for analysis on management dashboards. At any stage, if there is an attempt to clone the QR code, the manufacturer is notified in real-time.

    The QR code-based traceability also helps manufacturers recall products quickly if there is any quality issue with the concerned batch. 

    Going a Step Further with Technology

    What makes these codes superior to basic RFID, bar codes, QR and 2D technologies?

    • Customers can scan the pre-purchase tag with their smartphone camera to evaluate the authenticity of the product
    • Backend security for the codes and the way they are accessed
    • Simplicity and cost-efficacy of the process

    NeuroTags codes comprise two algorithmically coupled tags – open and protected.

    Anyone with a smartphone may scan the open tag visible on the product to check the item’s authenticity. Once someone buys the product, they get access to the protected tag hidden behind the product seal. After scanning this tag, the owner receives complete authenticity details, and the product is registered in their name.

    Both tags are monitored, connected and secured by algorithms to AI on the cloud. So if anyone tries to replicate them, the attempt is recorded, and the pirated product is invalidated.

    NeuroTags Use Cases

    Automotive Industry
    Working with companies such as JCB and Escorts, NeuroTags is helping its automotive clients check and eliminate counterfeiting with round the clock monitoring for anomalous signals.

    While buyers can report fake products by quickly scanning the tags without any special mobile app, OEMs get to track the exact geo-location of counterfeit sales.

    CPG Industry
    The brands served by NeuroTags in the CPG sector include Syska and Portronics. It gives them foolproof anti-counterfeit technology to remove forged items from the market within five weeks of deployment.

    The solution is also integrated with consumer and influencer loyalty programme software to boost sales.

    Pharmaceutical Industry
    Associated with Dr. Reddy’s and several other brands, NeuroTags enables pharmaceutical companies to protect their customers from the devastating effects of fake medicines and health products.

    Customers scan tags to check the genuineness of purchased items while on the backend, information reaches manufacturers via the cloud to notify them if the product is legitimate or counterfeit.