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    Data Filled World Needs a Data Driven Approach

    Challenge of Data Analytics in Business

    In the digital world, manufacturing companies are generating huge amounts of data every minute. The enormity of such information makes it difficult to store, process, manage, analyse and utilise it for tangible outcomes.

    Synchronising disparate data sources and the uncertainties of the data management landscape due to the constant evolution of technology make the problem more complex.

    It is also essential to keep business data secure as it not only brings a wide range of opportunities but also contains confidential details of consumers that, if breached, can cause severe legal repercussions and damage to brand image

    Special Attributes of NeeWee Solution

    NeeWee has built its solutions using the SAP Business Technology Platform.
    To help manufacturers utilise their data efficiently, it leverages:

    • Process Digital Twin to delve into the dynamics of critical business assets
    • Prescriptive Predictions to detect unusual behaviour and risks through processes and provide early warnings for remediation

    • Manufacturing Simulations to resolve unique industry challenges and enable enterprises to visualise different scenarios with different parameters for meeting specific business goals
    • Instinctive Visualisation with friendly features such as simplified UI, easy configuration and high compatibility so that users can adopt any NeeWee solution effortlessly and derive a smooth experience

    NeeWee Use Cases

    Automotive Industry

    NeeWee supports automotive companies by streamlining their entire manufacturing cycle with well-defined costs, logistics metrics and product quality.

    Its predictive technology solution, Bodhee, which extracts data from several sources, has helped automotive players enhance their product and process quality by 10-12%. It has also enabled them to reduce reworks by 5-8% and improve the work order closure rate by 15-20%.

    Pharma Industry

    NeeWee deploys advanced analytics, AI and machine learning techniques in production cycles.

    For pharmaceutical companies, NeeWee offers Golden Production Run – an application that makes every medicine batch consistent and safe for use. It also helps manufacturers ensure high production yields.