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    Challenge of Silos in Supply Chain

    Challenges of Supply Chain

    Delay in deliveries, poor customer experience, low employee morale and inefficiencies preventing growth.

    A key challenge for business managers today is to break down the silos in their supply chain and drive innovation for more success in their markets.

    Silos occur when different business departments and third parties such as operations, HR, inventory, marketing, customer service, vendors and suppliers cannot share information effectively.

    Information is the lifeblood of supply chain success, and silos disconnect its flow.

    How KoineArth Addresses the Challenge with marketsN

    An SAP Studio Partner and a blockchain-based supply chain startup, KoineArth offers customised solutions for logistics visibility, invoice financing and contract enforcement.

    It has leveraged blockchain technology and distributed data AI to design marketsN – a state-of-the-art product that enables organisations to build secure, private B2B groups in their supply chain with a few clicks. The solution adds unmatched visibility and frees up cash flow locked in any supply chain.

    With marketsN, organisations can coordinate their operations in real-time while liaising with manufacturers, suppliers, fleet managers, channel providers and even banks and auditors. 

    Thanks to a user-friendly, web and mobile-based interface developed using the SAP Business Technology Platform, it is easy to integrate marketsN directly with any ERP system.

    marketsN for Manufacturing

    KoineArth’s marketsN brings deep visibility into a manufacturer’s inventory, logistics and financial value chain by building a B2B marketplace with unique value propositions for suppliers and vendors at all levels.

    It adds resilience, responsiveness and reliability to supply chains while trimming down costs.

    marketsN for Logistics

    With marketsN, logistics and service providers can bring more transparency into their processes and enforce contract terms automatically. The incentives programmed into digitalised contracts encourage participation from even the most fragmented companies.

    The outcomes include reduced conflicts and more efficiency in the logistics value chain.

    marketsN for Pharma

    Temperature variations during the transportation of medicines can result in losses amounting to billions of dollars each year. KoineArth has addressed this problem with marketsN that integrates blockchain with IoT to deliver real-time records of pharma goods in transit.

    It eliminates obscurity from logistics value chains to make them visible and auditable – this makes it valuable for all stakeholders in logistics processes. The outcomes include reduced conflicts and more efficiency in the logistics value chain. The outcomes include reduced conflicts and more efficiency in the logistics value chain.

    marketsN for Banks and NBFCs

    The growth and resilience of the trade finance market depend chiefly on the availability and robustness of financing systems.

    marketsN adds a stronger trust to invoices, orders, inventories and other trusted assets to keep them ready for low-risk, lower-interest financing support from banks and other institutional lenders.