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    Automotive Edition

    Tech-Next Week for Automotive: Season 1

    November 29th to December 3rd , 2021
    Time: 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM IST


    Technology innovation is paving the future of the auto industry, and in turn the evolution of auto industry continues to pave future technologies. In recognition of this symbiotic relationship between technology providers and industry leaders, that is also the key to growth of the auto industry, SAP is proud to launch Industry Knowledge Exchange Forum (IKeX): Automotive Edition. IKeX is a community committed to exchange latest trends, developments, innovations, challenges and opportunities that are influencing businesses today and the future of automotive industry.

    This curtain raiser of the automotive edition, the ‘Tech-Next Week for Automotive: Season 1’, a series of five webinars, will be a technology exchange program for SAP Automotive experts and Industry leaders entailing:

    Latest Automotive Trends

    Ongoing Developments


    Solutions to Challenges

    Opportunities for Growth

    For the 1st time, you will have access to SAP automotive experts from around the globe who will share the latest from the world of automotive technology. Cover every aspect of the value chain of automotive industry and redefine growth.


    Vinay V

    Solution Management, SAP AG

    Katarzyna Maciak

    Product Manager, SAP SE

    Girish Dhondge

    Director, Intelligent Spend Management, Business Networks SAP

    Tanushree Karkhanis

    Solutions Engineer, SAP

    Joel Solomon

    Strategic Customer Engagement Director, SAP

    Sandeep Mandhana

    Presales Director – Digital Supply Chain SAP

    Jan Pedras

    Head of International Automotive Proaxia Consuting, Asia Pacific PTE Ltd.

    Glen Misquith

    Cloud Platform & Data Architect – SAP

    Nico Weigand

    Senior Manager Strategic Partnerships EMEA at NavVis

    Prashant Trivedi

    Co-founder, Chief Commercial Officer, Botsync

    Hari Karan KB

    Sales Director, Roambee

    Lloyd O’ Donnell

    Global Venture Lead, SAP Asia PTE Ltd

    Enterprises are always keen to develop and release high-quality products to the market at lesser cost. Vinay V, Solution Management, SAP AG talks about how SAP’s enterprise portfolio enables product innovation and Agile product development by using the ‘voice of customer’ and cloud-based information collaboration capabilities.

    Katarzyna Maciak, product manager, SAP S.E, outlines how SAP enables customers to achieve their product lifecycle costing goals.

    Session 1: Driving Sustainable Business Model

    A session on creating business model that enable both optimal operations in the present and disrupt your enterprise and the automotive industry in the future with Sustainability.

    Session 2: Product Design

    Enabling and supplementing product innovation with technology by SAP, this session will explore the complete life cycle of product development and making the products more agile to market specific needs.

    Linear supply chains in the automotive industry now need to transform to agile, integrated networks delivering value for the customer.

    Listen in to know how you can undertake an integrated supply chain journey with SAP’s advanced solutions. Led by Girish Dhondge, Director, Intelligent Speed Management and Business Networks, SAP, this webinar provides an overview of using SAP’s solutions for unified analytics experience, designing revenue model simulations, end-to-end procurement flows, forward-sourcing, spend, category and warehouse management.

    Session 1: Connected Supply Chain Manufacturing Procurement

    A dialogue on how to balance disruptions & continuity across the supply chains of today, this session will drive focus on making the supply chain network more agile and flexible and deliver the value demanded by customers.

    Session 2: Connected

    Navigating you through actionable use cases, the future of manufacturing and IoT powered automation in manufacturing across the Automotive world, this session under connected supply chains will help you streamline manufacturing processes at scale.

    New business models, disruptive innovations like autonomous vehicles, changing customer behaviour and new market players are transforming the automotive retail sector.

    This webinar demonstrates how SAP solutions help customers and business partners to adopt innovations like the 360-degree virtual showroom, digital leads processing, customer and digital sales management, and on-field service management using mobile and AI capabilities, and enhanced field experience with 3D-AR/VR.

    Automotive companies are increasingly reinventing their existing business applications to address disruptions and customer experience expectations, with a key focus on refining their core competencies and accelerating tech innovation.

    In the first session with Glen Misquith, Solution Architect, SAP, he talks about the importance of choosing the right technology platforms like the SAP Business Technology Platform for the automotive industry’s transformation to data-driven intelligent enterprises.

    While the second session with Andreas Gerstner provided a near first-hand insight into a technology enabled facility that can manage manufacturing processes, shipments and other requisites of an automotive outfit with innovative technology.

    Session 1: BTP for Automotive

    An insightful session on choosing the right technology, building intelligent digital value chain for the automotive industry, and other insights on optimizing business applications.

    Session 2: Achieve Digital Thread

    A session about the industry 4.0 strategies, data driven business processes, the technology enablers in the loop and the people involved in the optimization.