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    Managing E-waste With Ease and Efficiency

    Why E-waste Management Important?

    Managing E-waste responsibly becomes even more important in demographically dense country like India. Tons of E-waste is produced here every day, which, if left unattended, can cause health and environment hazards. EverLoop, powered by SAP, brings a robust mechanism for managing E-waste most efficiently. We aim to empower every business on the planet to achieve zero waste.

    E-waste Management Challenges

    In today’s time, not only do non-working electronic items increase the volume of E-waste, but the fast-paced technology advancements, making outdated gadgets replaced with the latest devices super fast, also add to the amount of E-waste produced. Besides this, one may face challenges, such as inadequate infrastructure, poor connectivity with stakeholders, and lack of transparency, while managing E-waste. Such dynamics make the process of E-waste management more complex, time consuming and overwhelming.

    What is EverLoop?

    EverLoop by SAP, is a B2B sustainability waste management solution that helps organizations to connect with their existing vendors, new vendors and digitalize the complete e-waste disposal process with transparency and traceability.

    How EverLoop Empowers Businesses to Achiecve Zero Waste Status?

    Built on SAP technology solutions, Everloop connects businesses easily with certified stakeholders across the waste value chain for best e-waste management and ethical sourcing of secondary raw materials. Everloop’s network of certified disposal and recycling partners enables businesses to receive end-to-end waste management solutions.

    Companies can store all important documents such as weighbridge bills, delivery challans, photos, and other transaction documents in one place. Organisations can also track their activities, including metrics for sustainability and carbon footprint.

    Everloop strengthens transparency and traceability by bringing the fragmented market onto a single platform.

    On the Everloop platform, All companies can choose vendors from a public network, a private network, or a combination of both.