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    Maximise Productivity through Better Decisions

    Cost of an asset failure or downtime is huge which might lead to more than 15% to 20 % production loss. Higher cost of emergency repairs and performance loss leads to a big hit. 82% of the companies have experience downtime and on an average cost about 1M loss for 4 hour outage.

    Evolution of industrial maintenance has moved from breakdown maintenance to Industrial AI for predictive maintenance. Deep learning based algorithm is able to predict and diagnose and prognose the risk associates with each mode of failure.

    At, contextual AI takes the form of intelligent asset management and intelligent process control. Using Algo8, AI based predictive maintenance solutions, companies are able to predict 100 days before the fault occurs. This innovative solution works well in multiple industries like energy, hydel power plants, turbines, coal management and thermal plants.


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are pushing the frontiers of tech-sophitication in industries across the globe.


    AI’s flagship Process Optimization platform

    Improve visibility around operations and enable advanced capabilities that minimize any inefficiencies and streamline workflows for industrial establishments. Leveraging predictive analytics, the platform suggests design and process updates based on data-driven analysis and monitoring.


    AI’s flagship Smart Conversational Intelligence product

    Augment business operations with advanced AI-tools built on Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. With intelligent computer systems that understand how people communicate in the real-world, users can enable effective human-computer interactions and also allow data formatting and analysis for large volumes of data to reveal key insights and patterns.


    AI’s flagship Smart Asset Management platform

    An AI-based decision facilitating tool to improve visibility around critical equipment minimize downtime, and maximize equipment operational efficiency and availability. We leverage predictive analytics to make the word “unforeseen” obsolete in industrial operations’ context with data driven predictions


    AI’s flagship Intelligent Visual Analytics product

    An AI-based solution to heighten site-monitoring capabilities via computer vision technology. Through constant surveillance, the product assists users to maximize the productivity of their industrial operations, ensure consistent product quality, and also maintain on-site security of personnel and assets.